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Old 09-25-2007, 06:00 PM
BrianAg95 BrianAg95 is offline
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Mounting Third Row Seat Questions/Ideas

I am adding in the backward facing third row seat into my Wag. I have a spare second row seat, and I am just flipping it around. (just like )

But I am running into some issues with brackets/mounting. So I am lloking for ideas/solutions or pictures of what others have done.

I removed the brackets and seat belts along with the second row seat so I have all of the stock stuff. Now I could just mount all of this into the location for the third row, But there are some issues.

1 - The original mounting location for the second row seat, has the front seat brackets (the ones that allow it to flip forward) mounted on a 45' angle. So if you used these to mount the third row, you cannot flip the seat,as the bump stops are now at 45' not 90'. This really isnt a big issue, because I so no reason to flip the third row backward towards the tailgate, as that would jsut put it in the way.

2 - I do not want big brackets in the middle of the cargo floor when the seats are removed, so this is really the main reason i donot like the stock brackets.

3 - the rear of the seat attaches on the 2 aluminum spool looking things. However in the front of the wheel well there is an indention into the wheel well to give the seatbelt and spool room to mount. If I mount the third row seat exactly like the second row, then I am worried there will not be the clearance to smoothly latch in the third row seat, as there is no indention in the back of the wheel well.

Ok so....

Here are some ideas I had:
For the rear of the seat:
I could try to put some indentions into the wheel well.... ughhh that seems frought with screwing something up in the process, and a lot of work....


maybe cut the spools in half, thus reducing clearance.... I hate to do this and ruin the spools if it did not work out.

For the front of the seat:
I thought about mounting some square ubolts through the floor. Then creating a bracket that would connect the front of the seat to the Ubolt. The bracket would be able to be unattached relatively easily from the Ubolt so that the seat could be easily removed. The Ubolts would be permanent. When not in use to hold the seat, they would be great tie down points.

So I think I have the front sorted, but I am still open to other ideas as well. If you have doen this install and have pics that would be great....
88' Grand Wagoneer - 110 K
91' Grand Wagoneer - Sold and Shipped to Europe.
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