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Old 08-14-2000, 06:27 AM
Puslinch Puslinch is offline
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The stock one is 192d, but have heard of people using a 160d one. Does this make a difference? I have some pinging at higher engine temps, and wonder if this would help.

Bob Barry Wrote:
Pinging should only become an issue above 220º; if the engine pings below that, something else is wrong.

A 160º thermostat won't let the engine get up to its proper operating temperature, resulting in worse gas-mileage (if you can believe it!). Besides, if the engine is running hot, it will still run as hot with the 160º stat as with the 195º unit; it might just take a bit longer to get too hot.

porkchop wrote:
I use a 160d thermostat and it seems to make a difference to me. But then again I am in Yuma, AZ with average summer temps of 110. I do not know how it will work in the land of the maple leaf, especially in the winter. I am sure it will do you good in the summer though. Anyone else got something better?

FSJman wrote:
I'm in ohio and run a 160 in summer and 205 wich hardly ever opens in winter.

trssho wrote:
The 160 deg. thermostat definately helped with the pinging on my jeep. both of them actually. It not only keeps the coolant at a lower temp., It helps to keep the carb. and manifold cooler. This effectively cools the charge temp. and reduces the the tendency to ping. This is why some supercharged engines often have intercoolers to reduce the charge temp effectively reducing the tendency to ping.

Puslinch wrote:
Off to the parts store tonight to give the 160 a try, Thanks for all the input!

Dutch wrote:
It's been mentioned in a thread before but just a reminder that you will need to replace that 160 with a higher temp. unit as cooler weather approaches. As an example, I switch back to a new 190 in Sept/Oct here in Ohio. Incidently, although my motor is a bit modified I have not had a decrease in MPG due to different thermostats. It has also eliminated the motors wanting to ping in hot city driving or under heavy load when the heat is on (and I admit this was a rare occurance) B. Barry gave sound advice, even when you cannot hear it but their is evidence the motor is pinging you have potential for very serious damage to occur. Just make sure you aren't only treating the symptom.

Puslinch wrote:
Good advice! I checked the timing and backed it off to 8BTDC. The only "pinging" I get know is under these conditions:
Pulling heavy load and climbing hills
Hot ambient temp
If I back of the gas, the pinging goes away, I now suspect that this is somewhat "normal", no load, cool outside, all is well.

Mike87 wrote:
I may be already too late on this topic however... I remember reading an article that discussed coolent temperature v.s. durability.
The part that stood out to me was that the durability stays fairly flat down to 180°. And a slight drop between 180° to 170°. But from 170°F to 160°F, the difference is tremendous.

One reason is that the cooler cylinder walls increase the friction in the in-cylinder components (pistons, rings).

At the time I found this information I was searching for a cooler thermostat for my '93 Camaro. There is one available for the Chevy small block, but not for my reverse cooled LT1.

In a computer controlled engine, you need to be careful not to go too much lower, because you could put the engine into permanent open loop control.

Personally, I would avoid going as low as 160° and try a 180°F (still lower than stock). Plus you won't need to switch when the weather gets colder.

Veepster wrote:
except under rare circumstances you should go with the STOCK recomended t-stat. and as Mike said cooler is not better, it can be damaging.

Bob Barry wrote:
Also be aware that 160º and 180º are the rated temps for those thermostats; the actual temps they open at may differ from the rating.

For example, I installed a 180º thermostat in my GW. When I took it out and tested it in a pan of hot water, however, I found that it started to crack open at 165º, and was fully opened by 180º.

In the winter, the radiator is so efficient at cooling the engine that the thermostat never did more than barely crack open, so my truck never ran at above 165º in the winter.

Now I've installed a 195º thermostat that starts opening at 180º, and is fully open at 195º. I've also tested 180º thermostats that start opening at 180º.

Now I test all thermostats I buy before I install them; I know whether they work or not, and I know at what temperature they actually work.

JERRY88GW wrote:
I've got an 98 with a LS1, and Hypertech makes a thermostat for mine. So, I believe that Hypertech makes a thermostat for your camero as well.

Mike, Check this link out. ear=1993

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