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Old 09-27-2000, 06:54 AM
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Roughly speaking, what should I pay to have a new exhaust system fabbed? My existing pipes are cracked, and the half-a**ed welds holding them together aren't doing the trick. I'm thinking of new pipe from the manifold back, but I'd like to be armed with a reasonable expectation of what I should pay. Thanks!

BTW, I'm cat-less if that matters.

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Old 09-27-2000, 07:57 AM
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Red face

I recall paying about $250 to have new pipes made to go from the manifolds to the front of the muffler(no cat as well). I found an OEM tailpipe for my wag, so I did the rear(no pun intended). I also put on a muffler I purchased seperately. Hope this helps.

Oh yeah...Chiacgo prices.


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Old 09-27-2000, 09:40 AM
Brazzy Brazzy is offline
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I am currently in the middle of doing this project and it has been the biggest P.I.T.A.
I ordered the stock y pipe from
CHEAP!! 67.00 or so (They got lots of diff makes) along with the muffler. The pipes is good but it took em three tries to get it to the east coast without damaging the flange. The muffler they never got right, so I gave up on them and got a generic from the local boys. The cat is from whipme and is much shorter than the orig but looks like it will be fine. I am currently trying to finish replaceing the studs without removing the exhaust manifolds. Not me, but a shop assured me they could do it. first trip they gave it back and only did one side, second trip they got em both, but when I went to tighten up the new y pipe the new stud pulled right out. So I gonna dodge the county boys on the way back, blap blap blap.
They are gonna fix this if they gotta put a new manifold on. I so dislike not doing the work myself! Every time I don't this is what I get. To answer you Question 67 y pipe,
60, cat,25 muff, 2.00 riser gasket, 7.00 new clamps. My tail pipe I will use again its new but I forgot what I paid.

Formerly abused 87 G.W. 162k stock
The Chariot
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Old 09-27-2000, 11:48 AM
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Out here in Cali, nothing is cheap. I had both manifolds resealed and leveled, new 3 in pipes from the manifolds back, new convertor, new Dynomax and a chromed tip for about 650.00 to 700.00 bucks, but she sure sounds good. The only bad part is the Cherokees are empty , so it getts pretty loun on the inside when cruising at full throttle.


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Old 09-27-2000, 01:38 PM
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The exaust was one of my upgrades this year so here is what I did.(No Cat system)
Cherry Bomb Turbo II Muffler, Auto Zone, $26.95.
40" of 2.5" pipe, Napa, $11.99.
Custom made down bent tail pipe, Auto Works, $46.72.
4ea. clamps, Auto Zone, $4.36 for 4.
Total with tax was $96.32.

I reused the "Y" pipe and the over the rear axle pipe. Actually only used the bend cuz I cut it off forward and aft.

It had the 2.5" pipe so the install was smooth except for the "Y" pipe connection where I borrowed an expander to reopen the bell there.

It's not loud at all, just a really mellow authoritative rumble.

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Old 09-27-2000, 11:12 PM
Manhattan Manhattan is offline
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I just paid $240.00 for all new pipe from the 'Y' pipe back... and a new catalytic converter ($99). I supplied the muffler (Dynomax) and they did the install.

Factoring out the cat ( a very short 2.5" hi-flow) I paid $140 for all pipe, hangers, welding etc...

I did not have this done anywhere near NYC! It was done in Richmond, VA.. my other home.
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Old 09-28-2000, 05:48 AM
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I want to go with new everything! I've looked at the Y-pipe, and it's fairly well grungy: pitted, discolored and cracked at the joint (that's one of the welds I had done to lessen the amount of exhaust entering through my swiss-cheese floorboards). Is the y-pipe hard to find? Do I need to have it custom-made? Where can I go on-line to buy the materials? Muffler isn't as important...the muffler shop here in town (yes, there's only ONE that's any good!) has really good muffler prices and a decent selection. There's also a SECO high-po store here that stocks a lot of the louder mufflers. Thanks for the help.

'78 Chero WT
44s F&R
"Jeep: the toughest 4-letter word on wheels"
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