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Old 12-24-2021, 11:19 AM
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Awesome that's great luck!
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Old 01-08-2022, 08:00 AM
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Waited a long time to complete the transaction for the cherokee .
Busy seller , holydays and going away for work makes time pass quickly .
Today i finally got to pay for it and do the paperwork.
The cherokee is mine
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Old 01-09-2022, 11:16 PM
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When i got the cherokee home , i had my father visit my workshop to inspect the new family member. He quietly walked around it looking and listening to my enthusiastic showing and telling .
"i think your uncle had one just like this , as a company / demo car , you know ,when we had the jeep dealership "
I did not know my family had a jeep dealership
I have known that my family did have a renault dealership , and also sold several other brands like - polski-fiat (made in Poland) , Zastava ( made in jugoslavia) Aro 4x4 (made in Romania) Polonez ( made in poland) , but Jeep ?? He must have forgot to mention .
I realized i had to read up on history . both AMCs and my family
As probably you experienced AMC/jeep guys know , Renault did own a large share of AMC at some point , and was the importer of AMC/jeep to europe .
And that is how they came to selling jeeps.
As i mentioned in my first post , i found this cherokee by a strange coincidence . And there may be more of them .
As i begin to research the history of this 2 owner car , the "DMV" came up with "unknown owner" as the first owner in the online archives.
I was told by a car-guy i know that it could mean that it had been registered to a company.
I had to send an inquiry to the manual archives to check the paper copy of the registration card. a week later i got a copy of the original card.
It is clearly a renault imported car , and it looks to have been in northern Norway all its life.
Previous owner was located a bit further north , but my investigations show that some time before my cherokee was first time registered , the renault dealer in his city went bankrupt , and a new one did not open until about 1982 , when Renault dealing was handed over to volvo , from their already established dealerships . Also in the late 70s and early 80s , there was somehow a shortage of cars in Norway. Reading the auto section of the old newspapers it is clearly that not all models was available for all dealers. Even most Renault dealers had only access to certain models , and one dealer would offer different models then the other. My familys dealship was the only one i could find marketing as a AMC dealer i northern part of Norway. Further searching the newspaper archives , i found a sales ad form my familys dealership , listing a 1980 jeep cherokee "cargo car" . The "cargo car" is a stupid Norwegian tax-class , intended for company cars ,its required to have one seat row (2 or 3 seats) and a wall between seats and "cargo area" making sure that you cant enjoy your company SUV as you everyday family car on company dime. it is tax reduced making the car cheeper to buy , and after 10 years (now raised to 30years...) you could put in the back seat without paying the tax difference . Cherokees registration card show that it was indeed registered as a "cargo car" . looking at the interior , the back seat does not match the rest as it is a levis denim seat with levis buttons. front seats and doors do not have the same buttons . it all seem to fit .
As the leasing company that formally was first owner is long gone i have not been able to find them . Family business was sold out some years ago but is still around . 80s archives long gone of course , so i have not yet been able to verify yet. But it might seem like this car came from the family dealership.

Looks like i am more of a jeep guy then i realized
When i found this cherokee , i did have a feeling that this car found me , and not the other way around . even if not , i thought this was kind of a funny/weird story , and wanted to share it with you guys .

I Paid 15000 NOK , or about 1650 USD for it , and i think i did all right
At least i am happy about it .
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Old 01-10-2022, 11:10 AM
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Sounds like it wanted to find it's way home. The price is in no way out of line, even on our side of the pond.

While Renault did get Jeep started on FI in the XJ Cherokee, was the Renix set-up in the mid to late '80's. When Chrysler took over, they went to the Mopar set-up with less problems. IMO, some of the darker days of Jeep was when Renault had their fingers in the pie.
In any case, think you did okay on the deal.
Wonder if the holes in the floor were part of the cargo divider. If so you might find others by the inner panels or high on the pillar.
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Old 01-10-2022, 01:15 PM
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How cool is that!? What an awesome story! I wonder if those odd holes on the floor held up the
Originally Posted by Z-240071
wall between seats and "cargo area"

I agree with Goldhammer, you got a great deal! Well done! Hopefully you can just get it running and driving and enjoy it for a while.
79 Cherokee Chief (passed CA smog check Sept 2020)
(Cherokee Build Thread)
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Old 01-10-2022, 04:29 PM
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Originally Posted by goldhammer
Wonder if the holes in the floor were part of the cargo divider. If so you might find others by the inner panels or high on the pillar.

It must have been an air to air gasoline heater .
If you look at the gasket in this kit , it looks the same as the hole pattern
in the floor .
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Old 01-24-2022, 01:54 PM
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Very cool find! 1980 with blue denim interior! Definitely hard to find even here in the States! Levi was not associated with AMC/Jeep after 1978 so your back seat was definitely out of an older Jeep. Hope you get it back on the road!
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