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Old 11-07-2017, 06:41 PM
Latta brook Latta brook is offline
Join Date: Jan 20, 2017
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J4000 front wheel bearings

I am new to the world of FSJ. I aquired a 71 J4000 last year. It is due for the NY safety inspection. I don’t want any surprises so I am going through the brakes. It has a strong peddle but I thought I would check them just the same. Plus one of the warn manual hubs needs to be serviced because last winter I had to use a wrench to engage it. Anyway, I pulled the front drums; the front bearings fell right out but the rear ones and oil seal didn’t. They look like they should press out but I never force anything unless I am sure. Are they a press fit and any tips on getting out.

I have been following the tech forum for some time now. It has been very helpful. My wrenching experience has been a 68 GTO and a 67 Alischalmers tractor not FAJs.
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Old 11-07-2017, 09:07 PM
440sixpack 440sixpack is offline
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The outer bearing cone should fall out. the rear one will come out when you pull the inner seal. I just use a piece of wood and drive the inner cone out with the seal. you could pull the seal and the bearing will fall out if you want to take the time.

Be sure to check the cones and the races good before you repack them. always replace the inner seal.
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Old 11-08-2017, 11:10 AM
Latta brook Latta brook is offline
Join Date: Jan 20, 2017
Location: New York
Posts: 3
Thanks much
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Old 11-16-2017, 08:41 PM
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Welcome to site. Wondering how your J is coming along. I like the closed knuckle axles, changing the seal is a good idea as it holds in 80/90. When you pulled it apart how much ran out? If none, it hasn't been takin care of properly, no and I mean no grease goes in that axle bearing/knuckle assembly. I drive 3 J trucks with the closed knuckles, 1 going on 35 years, 1 for 12 years and the 70 for the last 8 or so. Between the 3 probably 150,000 miles, not a spec of grease has ever touched the wheel bearings. When I assembled them the bearings where dipped in 80/90 and installed, also DO NOT put any grease in any part of lockouts. The 80/90 you put in the ball lubes everything, now I've read the post and such on mixtures/pudding folks use. I've never had an issue, period, and my lockouts work like they should always. The 70 when I built it I went through front axle also and put 35,000 miles on it the first year, about that many more sense and other than pulling one of the bottom 4 kingpin bolts to drain and change the ball oil every couple years it's been perfect. Yeah I get a drop or two of oil on tires seeping out of ball seal if it sets for a week or so, that don't bother me knowing that all is being lubricated properly.
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