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Old 06-24-2022, 08:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Crankyolman
I'm Steve and I tend to lurk more than post. I have a habit of checking the site as part of my morning routine before going to work so tend to be short on posting time. I'm weird and prefer the Kaiser era trucks over the later AMC era. I have a '72 J4500 that I post about in the prissy section when I have something to say about it but I like to read what others are doing.

J4500 ? Never heard of that model!
I recently picked up a 72 J 4000. That's the next project...
It's not yours 'til ya bleed on it . . .

1977 "401" 'Da Chief
1979 Chero: "Madness" [Sold]
1985 CJ : Renegade -locked and loaded
2005 Unlimited Rubicon - Built
2001 XJ : Driver - 2016 JK 2 door

'Da Chief here:

Round 2- LT Swap: 'Da Chief:

"Madness" build here:
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Old 06-24-2022, 09:04 PM
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Hello, all. Charles here, not much skill or experience to offer in posting but read through almost daily. I do enjoy the love of old Jeeps, the great tips/techniques/information and folks here. Also like admiring the work and restoration folks share. I owe thanks to the folks who have helped me here with parts, encouragement, and great info.
1970 1414X Wagoneer "The Pig"
-Dauntless 350 V8
-D27 front/D44 rear
2006 XK (65th Ann Edition)-DD
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Old 06-25-2022, 05:32 AM
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Originally Posted by cu4whln
J4500 ? Never heard of that model!
I recently picked up a 72 J 4000. That's the next project...

People are confused by that all the time. From '70 to '73 the trucks were 2000 or 4000 series depending on wheelbase and bed length. They got either a J2000 or J4000 badging but the actual designation was based on their gross weight which ranged from 5,000GVW to 8,000GVW. So, even though the truck is badged J4000 mine is a J4500 because it is 5000GVW, if it were 6000GVW it would be a 4600, 7000GVW would make it a J4700 and 8,000GVW would make it a J4800 even though they are all badged J4000. This is also why when you try to find parts for it at a parts store you will never find them under J4000.

I actually really like having a '72 because it's essentially the last of the Kaiser even though it has an AMC engine.
'72 J4500
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Old 06-29-2022, 10:32 PM
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Popping through. No computer anymore because I can’t recall the password to open it. Jtrucks rule. Selling my place in the mountains of WA state and moving away from The Democrazies who think they own everything we worked for.
Jeep gauges are for amusement only. Any correlation between them and reality is purely coincidental.
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Old 06-29-2022, 11:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Carnuck
. ..moving away from The Democrazies who think they own everything we worked for.
Where you headed?
79 Cherokee Chief (SOLD, goodbye old buddy)
(Cherokee Build Thread)
11 Nissan Pathfinder Silver Edition 4x4
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00 Baby Cherokee
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Old 06-30-2022, 02:39 AM
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Hello everyone.

My name is Geoff and I check the forum a few times a week. Trying to finish my 70 Wag build, and will soon have an SJ again. Why does the last little bit always take so long? Appreciate the helpful folks on here. Lots of amazing info.
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Old 07-07-2022, 10:38 PM
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Still here, just not as often. Life keeping me busy. Not a lot time to post but enjoying our honcho out and about every once and a while now.

Fleet Fox
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