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Old 10-14-2007, 04:40 PM
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'nother FNG??? Steering this time

still too new at this to stop asking dumb questions. this time re: my 64 J-200. I was out driving it today. maybe 40 miles round trip up to an indicated 60mph. It ran very nicely. However I have a question about the steering.
I know that the Willys Jeeps tended to have a lot of slop (the 64 appears to be the last year Willys was named on the nameplate) in the steering even when new; supposedly to accommodate rough ground with out busting hands and wrists. However when running at reasonble speed on the straight and level I can move the wheel, nearly 30 degrees without feeling any "weight" to the effort to turn it and when I can begin to feel resistance the truck begins to change direction. There does not seem to be any erratic movement, twitching or darting and the response to turning the wheel feels steady and even when the "slack" is taken up. So I sorta figured that this is just the normal Jeep "slop" in the steering.

EXCEPT: today I noticed a couple times, after taking several long gradual bends that required a more extended driver input to make the bend, that the steering tightened up, IE, the slop or slack disappeared. For a while after coming out of the bend and the road straightened back out it felt tight and solid like a good R&P steering; but only for a short while. after a short distance--mayb e a mile or so we were back to the usual Jeep slop.

I have no idea what is causing this, whether is is a safety issue and I'm endangering my life and anyone who crosses my path, or just another FSJ quirk.
If it is an issue due to worn /damaged parts I think I'd like to upgrade the steering, perhaps with a better box and a later model tiltwheel column. I have no Idea where to begin studying and looking.
any suggestions, advice or references would be appreciated
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Old 10-14-2007, 07:40 PM
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I'd check the steering box, tie rods and all the other stuff that connects the front end together. Somethings loose, obviously (ya didn't need ME to tell you that!) and it's DEFINITELY a safety issue.

Two things I never mess around with: Steering and brakes. They ALWAYS have to work.
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