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Old 05-23-2012, 10:47 AM
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Double Cardan Joint

So I think I found the answer to all the squeaking going on in my J20. The front drive-shaft's Double Cardan Joint was totally shot. The centering ball was very loose in the socket.

Here are some pics.

note, the ring is smashed because I used channel locks to get it out.

I've never taken one of these apart do I don't know exactly how they should look, and I don't know all of the components.

The crushed ring in the first pic appears to hold the centering ball in place, it looks like it had a hole worn through it. The inside of the centering yoke appears to be badly scarred. Although it almost appears it's supposed to have a small lip on the inside. Should this be there? Or is it just that worn?

I'm pretty sure I need to replace the centering yoke. It's only $70 at NAPA, and comes with the new ball and spring. My centering ball did show a little wear, but nothing too bad. The spring was broken in 2 pieces.

The drive-shaft side of the ball socket (shown in the second pic) shows a little wear, but more notably, a little nick. I can carefully fix the nick with my Dremel, but is the rest of the wear okay?

The only other thing I am noticing is, there is no seal of any sort. Should there be one? Should the centering ball be completely exposed like it was?

There is a lot questions here, any answers are welcome.


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Old 05-23-2012, 01:28 PM
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I\'ve seen gsmikie\'s video for the TH400 and thought it was just awful.watching a guy tear down a greasy pile of metal in a junkyard. it dosent have to be surrounded by water to be an island
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