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Old 08-27-2019, 09:33 AM
KillyMcGee KillyMcGee is offline
232 I6
Join Date: Aug 26, 2019
Location: Arkansas
Posts: 41
First time Jeep owner, two wagoneers

Picked up an 85 and an 86 Grand Wagoneer this past week. Both are complete, one runs and drives. The other did before it was parked for around 10 years. Both have the 360. One shows about 140K miles the other about 150K. First AMC or Jeep product I've owned. Was looking for a winter project to work on with my teenage son and retired mechanic of a father.

The only thing I'm concerned about on the Jeep is the quarter sized rust spot on the passenger rear quarter panel. We're not body work people so I only have a few options. Botch up the repair, learn to do it right and probably still not doing it well, or pay to have it done. Thankfully thats a ways away.

Link to giant picture I can't resize right now

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Old 08-27-2019, 10:39 AM
rang-a-stang's Avatar
rang-a-stang rang-a-stang is offline
Join Date: Oct 31, 2016
Location: Camarillo, CA/Boise, ID
Posts: 4,763
Woo hooo! You picked a good rig to tinker on with your son/Dad. It looks great!

I wouldn't worry about the rust spot for now. Get one of the your rigs reliable and drive it/enjoy it, and think about it later. Maybe stick some flashing tape over it for now so water doesn't get in? But don't leave it there, it'll make things worse, long term.

These rigs are unique and when I first bought mine, I thought it was going to be super expensive to work on. If you take your time and do your research, they are not that much more expensive than other rigs.

Welcome to the group! Looking forward to seeing you around on here!
79 Cherokee Chief (SOLD, goodbye old buddy)
(Cherokee Build Thread)
11 Nissan Pathfinder Silver Edition 4x4
09 Mazdaspeed3 Grand Touring
00 Baby Cherokee
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Old 08-27-2019, 10:58 AM
miracleed's Avatar
miracleed miracleed is offline
232 I6
Join Date: Feb 19, 2019
Location: Massachusetts
Posts: 119
Nice looking wagon. I like the grey ones a lot. Welcome aboard and good luck.
'79 Wagoneer Limited
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Old 08-28-2019, 09:45 AM
MReese Wagonner's Avatar
MReese Wagonner MReese Wagonner is offline
230 Tornado
Join Date: Jul 17, 2019
Location: St Louis Missouri
Posts: 18
Looks like fun, enjoy the trip !!
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Old 08-29-2019, 07:30 AM
GWNashville's Avatar
GWNashville GWNashville is offline
232 I6
Join Date: Dec 28, 2016
Location: Nashville
Posts: 230
Good Luck these are fun vehicles, mine is a 1989 Grey.
1989 Grand Wagoneer 360 c.i.
727 Transmission
Sniper EFI Hyperspark
Serehill Rear Glass and Fog Light Harness.
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Old 08-29-2019, 10:10 AM
SOLSAKS's Avatar
304 AMC
Join Date: Jul 25, 2016
Location: Benson. NC
Posts: 1,737
dave in NC
SOLSAKS - dave
1976 J-10 HONCHO Fleetside
1982 J-10 Fleetside
1988 grand wagoneer
2004 RUBICON jeep
Benson, NC
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Old 08-29-2019, 10:34 PM
UnkleMunky's Avatar
UnkleMunky UnkleMunky is offline
350 Buick
Join Date: Oct 17, 2000
Location: The Zenith City, Up Nort'
Posts: 1,236
Only question is.....Just TWO Jeeps? Oh yeah, you gotta start somewhere.....I forgot. I agree it sounds like a good pair for project work.

I had to laugh at the *quarter size* rust spot. Sheesh. Up in my neck of the woods (northern rust/snow belt), that would barely be a small pimple of a problem at most. Your picture reinforces have a solid base to start from! Which makes all your work worth it in the short and long run. You may want to search online, especially for some videos on *how to* fix small body problems like that. If you find enough information you should be comfortable going about tackling the spot.

Keep us posted on your work. Pics are always a plus....we are one of the few places in the entire world you can share pics of these old rigs and we fawn over them like little kids in a candy store!
Michael (UnkleMunky)
'78 J10: 258, 4 speed(T18), longbed, topper
'01 Oldsmobile Sihouette
Some dogs, a few fountain pens...and too many sewing machines...
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Old 08-30-2019, 07:39 PM
KillyMcGee KillyMcGee is offline
232 I6
Join Date: Aug 26, 2019
Location: Arkansas
Posts: 41

My second jeep
Before and after a bath
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Old 09-08-2019, 06:37 AM
Cheepy77to79 Cheepy77to79 is offline
230 Tornado
Join Date: Dec 15, 2018
Location: Louisiana
Posts: 15
Welcome! There is a wealth of knowledge on this forum. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

1979 Cherokee Golden Eagle (Bessie)
Currently being restored.

Prior owner 77 Cherokee Chief (Cheepy)
Forever gone.

Bossier City, LA
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