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Originally Posted by Tripwire
to be honest its hard to find one that sucks - powdercoating is hard to mess up....
I found one that sucks! He's down here in Ventura! Did the rims on my Mazda.
Originally Posted by Tripwire
... if your items are small why not DIY them? its fun and reasonably inexpensive and you can make some cash doing odd jobs for others.

all you need is a HF gun and the largest oven you want to use be it a stiove or a counter top model

Gun = 125 beans
oven = 120 beans or even free?
powder= 20-25 beans

lots of you tube vids on this
Whole-heartedly agree! Even if you have a small one car garage, the only real space you give up is the oven but when you are not bakin-parts, you car store stuff in/on it. Once you have your set up going, you will be shocked how many things you will end up powder coating. I had an Eastwood kit for about a year but ended up having to sell it all. I miss it every day.
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