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Originally Posted by J20 project
All things being said Ristow is right...hmmm think about that.

Personally after having spent 30 yrs involved with cooling towers and relative flow of about 6000gpm, transferring heat into the water was very easy...getting it out was another thing. Still very dependent on flowrates and dewpoint(affected a lot by humidity). Many times we did a better job through the tower(radiator) buy slowing the flow down rather than just speeding it up.
More tower cells(rows/fins) tended to manage the amount of cooling drastically. When took a tower cell down for cleaning and ran 3/4 of the system...we just plain had to limit the amount of flow...hence the idea that a bigger, better radiator does more work(heat transfer) with the same flow.

Nobody's saying that running more radiator won't cool better though the coolant velocity is lower.
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