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Decided to pull the pistons. The top ring on #2 was caked in carbon. Broke down and purchased the needed micrometers for measuring the journals and pistons. All the journals are in the middle of the range for wear as are the pistons. All it needs is new piston rings. The old ones had end clearances of .010" over the max. Did have to buy a Flex-Hone for the cylinders. The rings (Cummins) all had the end gap near the middle of the range when installed in the cylinder for checking the clearance. All the cylinders checked out OK, no more that .0013" taper and out of round and no ridge at the top. the head is out for a valve job. More cleaning before putting it back together.
#4 piston has a .060 dia steel “BB” embedded in the top of the piston. The “BB” also bounced around in the combustion chamber and left 2 marks there before embedding itself into the piston.
There was some lite scoring in #2 and #4 cylinders, but not enough to warrant boring the cylinders for new pistons.

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