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Originally Posted by rang-a-stang
I spent $1200 on my 401 heads being rebuilt. That was clean them, deck them, 5 angle seats, stainless exhaust valves, and assembly. I provided the valve springs, retainers, roller rockers, and rocker studs (the cost for the stuff I provided was not in the $1200 fee). I did a home port match on them, too. That was a lot of money, a lot of work that didn't net much.

I think even with rebuilt heads, an LS is still the better investment. You are going to drop $3000 on a mostly stock rebuild and end up with maybe 200hp and maybe 250lb/ft of torque. If you buy an adapter and put an LS in front of your TF727, you will end up with 300+hp and Torque, better MPG, will drop about 100 pounds off the front of your truck, and 10000 times better aftermarket support. My rebuild was almost the same as johnsonic's except I had a 268H cam, EFI, balanced, and forged pistons.

An LS gives you a lot more options in the future too. What I mean is, you can swap in a 4 speed auto much easier. You can add power adders, you can get repair parts at any McParts store, etc.

I'll add last pair of heads I had redone cost me over $1k. Simple valvejob + new springs/retainers/locks.
Spent $900+ on machine work for a SBC LT1 block ~same time.
A basic rebuild of an AMC is not gonna be cheap. Probably be in $3k range
Bought a 120k 5.3 LS with harness/pcm for $600...
Dropping a used LS into a FSJ will save a guy $ even WITH the added expense of the other bits.
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