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Hot idle miss

I still have a miss, which I thought was the motor loading up but now think it may be lean. It only does this if the motor is fully warm and idling for an extended time, like a drive through or a long light. Coming off a 12 mile run at 65 mph will not cause the miss, it takes running around in town in stop and go traffic and I have not been able to reproduce this idling at my house.
After 10 minutes or so of low speed running in town, I pull up to a light and for about 10 seconds it idles smooth. After that, it will start with a small irregular miss and progress to a serious miss and stumble. When the light turns, one hit of the gas and I am off and running just as pretty as you please. I intend on ridding myself of all extraneous vac and emissions lines. Any other thoughts? Maybe EGR?
Any help is appreciated.
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