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Originally Posted by fulsizjeep
FSJ Poster Child:
I broke it. Again.

Dang, you have all the luck! If you need an axle shaft, I have collected a few for the QT era and may be able to help.
Facts. You sent me a bumper sticker and it says "Failure is always on option". I put it on my desk, maybe it should be on my bumper.

Sounds good! I'll let you know but I think I might be covered.
Originally Posted by GWNashville
Man I am so sorry! That sucks.
Thanks for the thoughts. I seem to say this alot: it could have been much worse!
Popped my cover. This oil only has about 8k miles on it. It's not old at all. It was black and had shiny bits in it as it came out.

I let it drain for a couple hours. As I removed the cover, I heard clunk. This fell into the drain pan:

I guess it is pretty much best case scenario. Looks like just a spider gear.

I'll find a spare used one from somewhere, clean out the case and slap it back together.... when I get home in May.
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