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Thanks Oregonphil that was helpful.

So I have a dumb question:

I just got the hyperspark installed and checked static timing. Everything appears to be good to go. I left the radiator cap off during all of this because I just recently added a 190 degree thermostat and wanted to make sure all air was purged from the system. Well the engine heated up pretty quickly. All of a sudden coolant comes pouring out of the open radiator cap. Probably 1 to 1.5 gallons on the floor and engine bay (the fan sent is spraying everywhere) before I could shut the engine down. Huge mess I realized I forgot to have the heater running but don't think that would cause this. This has never happened to me before when purging air. When I shut the engine off coolant temp was 180 degrees. What would cause this to happen? I know if it gets too hot coolant can boil over but I thought it needed to be hotter than 180 to do that...
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