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Originally Posted by Heavy_Metal_Thunder_81
Looking good, Marc! I have dissected a few of these Cherokees and have a plan very similar to yours regarding making the inner wheel well and body meet and then spot welding my "new" donor metal flares on. Looking forward to more detail and the finished product!
Sounds good, boss! I thought of bonding these flares on, too but ultimately decided on bolts for replaceability. Plus, if I ever do come across a decent set of metal flares, maybe they can be welded on at a later time.
Originally Posted by cu4whln

You are ahead of me...

Great idea bolting on these parts.. " Just in case "

I remember you commented when I said I was fixing my flairs...

BUT - I am going to "patch" my rear metal flairs up as they are only rusty at the bottom.

Your work is much appreciated.. now I can see MUCH clearer how this flair is constructed.

Documenting this repair should almost be a separate thread as everybody seems to have issues with the rear flairs.

I wish SOMEBODY would make the lower sections of the rear flairs out of metal ( patch section parts )

I have bought 2 Cheros out of the desert, and both still had rust in the lower sections due to this crapola design of this area. ie traps dust/dirt at the bottom, then retains water to rust it out from the inside. UGH.

Good luck on this repair - looks great.
Thank you, sir! I thought of making a dedicated thread on this but I do not consider me or my work to be all that great. I didn't want to make a thread on these, then the are a total hose job. If they come out well/according to plan, maybe I'll extract it make a thread dedicated to them?

I AGREE!!! Oh my how I wish there were flare repair panels!!! It could even just be the bottom 12" and they would save us sooooo much work!!! The front and back of the flare is the same so one die is all that would be needed. EVERYONE with a WT Cherk has rusty flares....except 78 WIDETRACK. He has at least 2 WT's with solid flares. I am jealous.
Originally Posted by rocklaurence
Holly Molly!! You've got the Bug really BAD!!! You never stop! This is a good topic and me/we are thankful that your posting up.
I pulled my '81 Cherokee RostoMod out of the car port yesterday. I has sat since I closed my Rented Shop 5 years ago. I pulled 5 projects to my house at that time and Sold 4 of them in 2020. This one will sell if I can get my money out of it. Or Ill make it my 40" tired off-road toy.
I love the 79 Chief stickers. I think they are the best looking sticker package on any FSJ and I really want to finish installing mine but I didn't want to do it until these flares were replaced. So, the real bug is those stickers!! I was hoping to have these done before my next long buisness trip but I dont think that is going to happen. I leave late March and the wife gets really annoyed when I am pampering the Cherk and not the wife.

Copy that! looking forward to seeing more about your RostoMod! Sounds good to me!! This wheel well is HUGE without a tire in it! you could easily fit some 40's in there... maybe. probably. maybe.
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