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You are ahead of me...

Great idea bolting on these parts.. " Just in case "

I remember you commented when I said I was fixing my flairs...

BUT - I am going to "patch" my rear metal flairs up as they are only rusty at the bottom.

Your work is much appreciated.. now I can see MUCH clearer how this flair is constructed.

Documenting this repair should almost be a separate thread as everybody seems to have issues with the rear flairs.

I wish SOMEBODY would make the lower sections of the rear flairs out of metal ( patch section parts )

I have bought 2 Cheros out of the desert, and both still had rust in the lower sections due to this crapola design of this area. ie traps dust/dirt at the bottom, then retains water to rust it out from the inside. UGH.

Good luck on this repair - looks great.
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