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Originally Posted by GWNashville
Wow. Your like me, between the GW and the Chevelle the AAA guys know me by name. Sorry about the alternator but love the stories. Glad it came out on the plus side at the end.
The wife was at the unexpected $180 I dumped on an alternator but it could have been sooo much worse. I'm super glad it happened where it did and not in the middle of the 405, or in one of the less nice areas of LA I drove through.
Originally Posted by FleetFox
Great attitude about this stuff Rang. I would have been speechless with rage, at myself of course.

Fleet Fox

P.s. Thanks for sharing stuff like this we are all incredibly human.
I don't get too mad at myself because self-inflicted wounds like these are an hourly occurrence for me! When people build trucks as well as you do, you don't have to worry about this type of crap!
Originally Posted by Wagoneer Taylor
Great update Marc!

Happy to see someone getting use out of their FSJ, haha cant wait to get to work on mine again.

Love seeing this stuff, keep us motivated!
I can't wait to see yours get going toooo! Need me to send a strongly worded letter to your machinist?
Originally Posted by fulsizjeep
Great attitude! Keep it up.
Thank you, sir! I'll try but I make no guarantees!
Originally Posted by cu4whln
LOL. Funny.

Welcome to the "backyard" mech club...

I have, and continue to make mistakes and learn as I go.
It keeps us humble, that's for sure! hahaha!!!
I have a meeting every Tuesday that is usually about 90 mins, though my part is only about 5 minutes of that. That means, as long as my phone is on speaker, I get about 85 mins or wrenching.

Yesterday, I pulled my header to fix the exhaust leak. I knew I damaged my header gasket when I was installing it but I thought it was just a little crack. It had a nice PFT PFT PFT sound when running but it didn't sound like it was THIS bad:

That is the same header that has my Oxygen sensor on it, which blows me away because a leak like that should have sent my EFI into a tizzy. Hm. Fixed. Maybe I'll a fender flare off this week.... HHmmmm.....
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