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Originally Posted by fulsizjeep
Nice work on the seats!

Sorry you have to deal with all that emissions orneriness. I remember tossing at least 3 of those carbon cans in the trash over the years.

I don't mind messing with the carbon can. I could remove it since I won't ever smog it again, but I like the idea of running it. I will add the Carbon Cannister Control solenoid back to my EFI in the coming year and let my computer control it though.
Originally Posted by SJTD
I take it Cherk seats don't have adjustable backs? Just fold forward? I forgot the floor might be different.

I wanted something else because of no recline. Tilting the whole seat helps but it's not the same. Also, '84 had no headrests.

Whole lotta work as you saw. But they're from a Lexus so they gotsta be comfy right?
Correct. No adjustable backs, just fold forward.

I totally get it. If my factory seat covers weren't so stinkin cool looking, I would be looking for something like yours. I have a buddy with a Corvair and he installed similar Lexus seats as yours. They are amazing.
Originally Posted by 78 WIDETRAC
Your jeep is really coming along nicely, Glad I could help with the carbon can.
Thank you, sir!
Originally Posted by fulsizjeep
I'm actually wondering if the slip joint was bottomed out at the time of destruction. Yes, no, maybe?
I have been thinking "no" for a long time but as I was driving this weekend (more below on that) I remembered I couldn't shift from D to R, so I wonder if it was bottomed out and pushing my drivetrain back/jamming the shift linkage?
Originally Posted by rang-a-stang
...are gonna road trip it to Orange County Saturday.
This happened. Planned route was about 95 miles, one way, from my house to my brothers house in Huntington Beach. The drive there was epic! Tons of waves and thumbs up, truck ran nice and cool, even when traffic picked up a little.

Got off the 405S at Brookhurst (around 11:10am) to hit my normal watering hole and check MPG. I gassed up just as I got on the freeway in Camarillo so this would have been purely highway MPG. As I was pulling into the turn lane (50 yards from the Freeway exit), I lost power steering. Looked down and Volt meter showed 12v. Oh no! I lost my belt! Hooked a super fast U-ey into the gas station parking lot.
My truck would only take about 3 gallons of gas; I couldn't fill the tank. Not sure why, but didn't really care anymore.
Popped the hood to install the belt and my Alternator pulley was GONE!!!
Looked back into the street and there it was!

Ran out into that busy street to pick it up, called my brother (5 minutes away), and pulled my alternator out.

Dangit, Dave. The sticker didn't work:

No one honked.

(actually trying to shorten this whole story some)
Plan A: I ordered a replacement Alt and my brother headed over to McParts to pick it up. As he was on his way, I realized my current alt is altered to fit into my bracket so the new Alt would not work so we canceled the order
Plan B:We next went to Home Depot, picked up a 5/8" course thread nut, went to Harbor freight and picked up tap/Die set to make it work. Our thought was, I would install this nut, tack weld it on to get me home, then do a permanent fix when I got home.
Back to the truck and called a tow (at 1:45). We used the tap and die set and were able to get some good threads:

While waiting for my tow, a G-Wag gassed up across the street! I about lost my (bad word)

After MANY calls with our roadside assistance provider, and the tow provider, Tow truck showed up at 6pm. I wanted 4 hours 45 minutes for a tow.

(I have a lot of pictures of my Jeep on a flatbed over the years ).
That night we put the pulley on the re-threaded alt, torqued it down, the spun it. The pulley wobbled. Not gonna work.
Back to Plan A but modified: So I ordered another Alt, that night. Picked it up Sunday morning. Drilled my new hole:

Threw it in my truck, test drove it around my brothers neighborhood with lots of revs, and throttle input changes TRYING to get it to toss the belt. Belt held fine so I went home and packed up my crap to head home.

Interesting note: As we were cruising around my brother neighborhood, we saw the Roadkill Garage Purple Satellite parked outside a person's house. I didn't take a picture but it was, without a doubt, that EXACT car.

Left HB around 1pm and made it home around 2:30, without drama

So, 195 miles driven (corrected). One of the big reasons for this roadtrip was to weed out any issues like this so even though it sucked breaking down, that's kinda why I did this.

Why do I think the alt pulley fell off? I think it is because I have taken the pulley off several times over the last 3 years and I probably hosed it up at some point (self induced casualty...again). I will fix this Alt and keep in as a spare. I noticed my engine seems to run a little smoother. Maybe my rings have seated, maybe my EFI is "learning", or maybe it's placebo, but it runs a little smoother.

next up: fix the header exhaust leak and continue to daily drive it.
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