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Originally Posted by posulli88
Thats super helpful Babywag!

My 02 placement until last weekend when I switched to manifolds from headers (emissions) was on the reducer 2" from the collector (hedman headers). It is now temporarily placed at about 8" past the manifold. Just last weekend I essentially cut the old reducers off and bridged the gap between manifold and the end of the exhaust with part of the old y pipe and a small length of flex exhaust tubing ( I have dual exhaust so cant use original y pipe). The o2 bung is in the solid 2 1/4" y pipe connection on drivers side about 8" back.

I can move the temporary bung closer to the manifold. I am a little confused on O2 placement. I know it needs to be 10 degrees above horizontal but can I mount it in the pipe where the pipe is completely vertical essentially 2" off the pipe flange (2" away from the manifold to flange intersection)?

This is all temporary I will be taking it to an exhaust shop shortly to make a permanent connection from flange to old dual exhaust and to add a cat (again emissions).

I probably pulled plugs at worst time possible. I ran the engine for about 7 minutes last weekend after replacing exhaust and it was cold (35 degrees outside temp). It essentially idled for 7 minutes got the engine temp up to 140 then I pulled the plugs this weekend.

I know fuel pressure is correct I have checked multiple times.

I need to pay closer attention to see if it's going to closed loop and staying.

I believe the coolant temp is accurate on the sniper system. The original jeep gauge also seems to generally match the sniper (I know its hard to tell temp on the original gauge.

Do you think it's worth going through the magic wizard again on the sniper and resetting the system? It was originally set in Massachusetts and I now live in Denver so pretty big difference in altitude. What would you suggest I plug in for target idle AFR and WOT AFR given my engines build?

Thank you!

Yes...altitude make a HUGE difference!
Whatever it "learned" in MA is waaaay off for Denver. So the fuel maps will be whack until you reset/it relearns.
Makes sense that it'll run far too rich until it relearns.
You need to increase the initial timing by ~7* as well.
Also makes sense that they look like that after only 7mins. run time & 140 temp. that is far from normal operating temp. and not nearly long enough.
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