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Originally Posted by J20 project
What are the odds that you can get it to Monrovia by next thursday?...My bro in law is coming up..

Still rolling the th400??
Yep (TH400). PM Sent
Originally Posted by mwood65
That's true, my wife's timing chain broke on her vehicle so the Cherokee has been my daily driver for awhile now and before that it was just driven 2-3 days a week to keep everything charged and so on.

It's strange how so many people talk about their FSJ being a money pit or unreliable but this thing starts EVERY time, all the time and can be driven whenever ya want. Probably the most reliable vehicle I have owned in my 40 years of driving (since I was 15).
I am super happy with it's reliability and just wished it looked better.. Bodywork (if that's what ya wanna call it) will be finished soon and paint this summer. (soon as I figure out what the original color was. fairway green I think?)
I am running used tires bought a few years ago from one of the Mexican run tire stores in Phoenix. General Grabber ATX tires, I can't recommend enough. very good on road, GREAT in snow and great off-road.
There you go! That's what I am talking about! NOT A TURD! Work horse! Mine is turd because I messed with too much crap. 80% of my problems are self induced.
Good copy on the Grabbers. I'll be buying 5 new tires when I get home in May so I will keep them in mind.
Originally Posted by rocklaurence
Do you think the DS was binding or just a bad weld at the CV?
Welds held. I think the shaft hit something on the peak of that hill to bend it, then once it was bent, I think it probably contacted something under my truck that twisted it off.
Originally Posted by jeepman42
Have looked at pics of your rebuild on your Cherokee & think it was a good idea to change out the frame & other parts before taking your recent fun trip. I'm impressed with your build skills!
Thanks for the kind words! Don't be impressed, I am not that skilled. I'm just to stupid/stubborn to admit defeat. I am one step from being a hack (by many standards, I am a hack).
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