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front leaf springs...which end is front??

I'm going through my '74 J10 replacing shocks and suspension bushings all the way around. The rear went without a hitch but on putting the front back together I'm not certain that the front springs were on there correctly when I got the thing. Here's why...ordered all my parts from BJ's. Now...according to BJ's part numbers...the bushing that should go in the front eye (the shackle end) of the front spring...that's the one that came off the back when I took it apart. The new parts fit's just that what BJ's says should go in the front of the spring came out of the back and vice versa. So...easy enough question...which way is it? On a '74 J10 on the front end...big eye of the leaf going towards the front of the truck or big eye of the spring going towards the back? Thanks in advance.
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