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This is my chief with 31x10,5 (in my historic car licence)

on the second pic are 33x12,5

rims are 6.5 like in the licence or maybe 7". have to check it.

My shocks are not good, especcialy the rear shocks with the air assistance.
So i have to do something with the suspension in the future.
in germany this is a vintage car, and i will not use it for rough offroad.
But 33s are looking cool.
Diff is 46/13 3,54
What do you mean? stay at the 31s and be save with the police.
and do some new shocks.
or change to the 33s?
What is to do for the 33s? Rims wider than 7"?
spring. I dont want to trim the fenders.
78 chief 360amc
02 wj 4.7HO Overland
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