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Originally Posted by BrianAg95
So I figured it was cheaper to get a parts truck, get the parts I needed to fix my 88, and then sell the rest, and since I got it I decided I would do the third row seat thing as well. IE take my extra back seat from the parts car and turn it around and mount it for a third row seat....

However I can't seem to get any of the bolt started.

I wanted to salvage the bolts and sleaves of the rear seat wheel well bracket to use for the new third row, and I wanted to take out the seat belts and use them so the third row has belts....

I searched and found this thread... oval

Anyone else want to chime in on how to get these buggers out without stripping the torx bolts? Is it even worth it, should I just find a substitute at the hardware store?

I have tried like 10 times and never got it done here it iowa they just get too rusty.... i have heated and soaked and chilled and nothing ever worked..I busted numerous sockets trying also... i just cut them off and make new spacers and get some new bolts.
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