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Find an earlier pre Q/trac rig with the D20 t/case and a short shaft BPOC T/400. If the tranny is the old style and does not have the AMC adaptor and follow the instructions in the AMC shop manual (or any good tranny book) and install the out put shaft in your tranny (good time to rebuild it too) A good tranny shop could do this too, but I am to cheap to have some one else do something I can. Just be sure you get the adaptor for the t/case to tranny and put new seals in the adaptor (2 Federal-Mogul/National #411500) If you get the case from a Buick powered or AMC built rig you can use the shifter on the t/case. If you get a tornado powered or early Rambler power rig you will have to make a shifter. I have also found that you can use a 65 manual D20 t/case to replace a worn out later automatic D20, IF you change the shifter and front output cover and shift rails. You will also need your front qtrac front output yolk and the dirt shield will have to come from the 65 yolk so it will bolt up to your drive shaft. If you have a skid plate on your fuel tank it will have to be trimmed for drive shaft clearence. Are you confused yet??? I spent the better of a week with 3 D20's after I already had my tranny shaft switched over (0ne of the D20's had a broken case so I used it to perfect my tear down skills.

A SIDE NOTE TO JEEPGUZZI, The famed "LARRY LOCKER" is no longer needed, as I found that the t/case gears were rounded off and that is why it would pop out.
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