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Originally Posted by Warlordsix
I'm right in the middle of an AX15 swap now. I'm also simultaneously doing a million other things to this project, too (will start a build thread later), so the AX15 part is not finished. Nevertheless, my recommendation is to use a '94 or later AX15, as that will have an external slave cylinder...much handier. Also, be sure to get the proper pilot bearing. I'm using a National Bearing FC-69907 bearing, which is an actual bearing as opposed to a bushing as used on the earlier CJs. Cost me about $15. I'm also using the 4.0 flywheel and will have it match balanced with the AMC 360 flexplate. Hendrick Motorsport is nearby, and they charge $75 to do that. As to the transfer case, I'm using the NP231 that is currently mounted to the AX15, although I will be installing a slip yoke eliminator on it.


Are you using the slip yoke eliminator because the driveshaft will be 12" shorter then stock, and therefore the angle will be too great?

Is yours lifted at all? Mines stock, and I don't really plan on lifting it. Do you think the angle would be too great without a lift?
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