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Parts List

-97 S10 two-door Blazer gas tank
-96 S10 Blazer fuel pump. This fuel lever sender reads accurate enough.
-Fuel lines. I used 5/16 and 3/8 nylon fuel lines and quick disconnect fittings. I paid a lot for the installation tool but the peace of mind was worth it as well as the ease of installation. I didn't want to fight with other methods of pressing nylon fittings to the hose.
-Fuel filter. I used one with 3/8 quick disconnect ends. The one I purchased was for a Buick Roadmaster.
-Quick connect fuel fittings. Keeping with the theme I purchased straight and elbow quick disconnect fittings. Fuel supply uses 3/8 and return uses 5/16.
-At minimum, four 3/8 fittings are needed. 1 @Fuel pump, 2 @ fuel
filter and 1 @ TBI.
-At a minimum, three 5/16 fittings are needed. 1 @ TBI, 1 for fuel
return at pump and 1 for the fuel tank vent port.
-Fuel line mounting clamps.
-GM 6AN fittings to replace stock pods. Found these on Ebay from a vendor called dstrumpet. Saves much needed space at the TBI.
-6AN to QD fitting. These mount to the GM TB adapter fittings above.
-Tank straps
-Hockey pucks. Cheap spacers.
-Rubber sheet, 1/8 thick an 3 inches wide. 10 feet was $16 on Amazon
-Double sided tape.
-Copper reducer 2” to 1”. Bough off Amazon.
-1 inch fill hose. 1 foot length
-2 inch fill hose. 1 foot length
-Over flow hose 5/8, 1 foot length
-Over flow hose 3/4, 1 foot length
-5/8 to 3/4 fuel line adapter for overflow hose

TBI fittings are optional. Barbed fitting can be pressed into the nylon hose and rubber lines can be ran from there.

Edit 5.14.21: Corrected nylon fuel line size to 3/8.

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