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FSJ Auto Trans Reference Info.

I will edit and add to as necessary but I thought I would throw this out there as quick reference material.

1962-1965 Borg Warner: The Borg Warner automatic transmissions were used with the 230 OHC Jeep Tornado engine in M715s and Jeep pickups and Wagoneers.

1965-1973 Nailhead TH400: The Buick 350 V8, 225 V6, and AMC 327, 304, 360, 401 V8 engines used a Nailhead pattern TH400 (also known as unipattern as it was used by many other manufacturers such as Rolls Royce and Jaguar with an adapter ring) during the mid to late-1960s. The AMC engines used the TH400 with an adapter until late 1973.

1974-1979 TH400: AMC bought a TH400 case with the AMC pattern already cast. The TH400 AMC case was used until the end of 1979 model production. It uses the standard AMC engine bolt pattern.

Any AMC engine from 1972 on up will directly bolt up to this transmission. Key things to remember is to use the correct TH400 flex plate corresponding to engine CID and, a sizing ring must be used for the torque converter pilot (J5352374). This part is no longer available at the Jeep Dealership but can be bought from Novak.

1980-1991 AMC727: The TF 727 was used in full sized Jeeps (SJs and J series pickups). It uses the standard AMC engine bolt pattern.
Key things to remember is to use the correct 727 flex plate corresponding to engine CID and, the sizing ring must be removed so that the torque converter can pilot. In the same manner when TH400 is used, the correct AMC727 flex plate must be used corresponding to cubic inch engine size.

One last import fact to remember is that AMC externally balanced each engine with the vibration damper and flex plate/flywheel as installed. So, if you are swapping flex plates from one engine to another even if it is the same displacement, the rotating assembly should be re-balanced. Sometimes you can get away without re-balancing but most of the time not.

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