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Originally Posted by MtnYJ
Hi there fellas, it's been a while since I visited here! As far as the shifter goes, if I remember correctly I used the shifter out of the same J truck that donated the NP-208. I don't recall it even being as complex as acct21's pictures - I'm pretty sure I just used the pivot point that bolts to the floor. That pivot holds a simple t-case shifter rod, then the bottom end is connected to the modified 727 linkage pieces. I know that's still not a ton of detail, but it is pretty simple linkage, and works extremely well. There's no binding at all, I can pretty much shift into/out of 4WD with one finger.

We drove the Waggy nearly everyday until Fall 2015, when we lost a head gasket. The transmission swap never gave us a minute worth of trouble. We parked it and decided to build the wife a CJ. The Waggy is the next project, and will be getting an LS, NV-4500, and Dana 300.

Thank you for the updated info. I will look for one. I used to have one, just need to see if I can find it.
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