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I have spent more money at Rock Auto then I care to admit.

You are exactly right rang-a-stang, the cooling system was next.
I had preemptively ordered all new cooling system hoses, since it had all sat for 2 years and who knows when they replaced them before that. Crazy part was it would drive around and idle perfect, no over heating. At that point I had done everything but the radiator... now I'll mention again I was trying to build this quickly to use at our wedding, so i thought "well it works now and i only need it to work for one day, I'll really dive in after the wedding"... That thinking was a mistake, at highway speeds it would eventually over come the ability of that tired old radiator and it would overheat. There was some trouble shooting in between but long story short i was overnighting a radiator off amazon the Thursday before a Sunday wedding I installed it that Saturday and tested it that night.

I unfortunately don't have a picture of the engine bay currently with new radiator but I'll get one soon.
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