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Now that I knew it would run, I tackled the fuel system, with lack of time in my favor I decided to just "shotgun" the system and go with mostly new parts. I ordered a new fuel tank (a plastic model), fuel pick up tube, fuel pump (which ended up being wrong), fuel filter, fuel sending unit, and fuel hoses. Picture below shows my old tank which was full of a sludgy varnish. I pulled the hard fuel lines too and sprayed and blew them out to re-use.
I apologize I don't have more pictures I wasn't thinking of a forum when I was on this schedule.
I got all these parts off of RockAuto, I know some people don't like this site but I have had good luck with them. Other then the fuel pump which was the completely wrong unit. I will pose the question, Do older or newer 360 engines have a different mechanical fuel pump? This Wagon has a donor 360 and I had to take my old pump to NAPA and they searched and searched for the replacement, finally found it. But it was a hassle, we tried old 360s and Chrysler 360s, they finally just had to search through their catalog and match the description.
After the new fuel system was in (which I did all from the ground under the Jeep with no lift) the engine honestly ran beautifully and still does. I took it for its first test drive, after checking the brakes worked. I have a video of this but don't know how to post it??
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