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1977 Jeep 401 Wagoneer (Wedding Wagon)

Hey all,
Finally getting around to posting my Wagoneer build.
The plan is to build a Weekend Warrior, that could be a daily if desired. Not a true rock climber but something we could take on trails. Its a Jeep after all!

Here's the back story (this may not be quick ).
I got this Wagon for free from a co-worker, it had sat for 2 years untouched in their lawn (as seen in the pictures). I got it roughly 3 months before my now wife and I were getting married (wedding date 09/23/2018). The plan was to get it ready enough to drive away in. (Spoiler Alert---> We succeeded!)
It currently has a AMC 360 (this was a 401 Wagon), I believe Dana 44 axles, original trans case, but external hub lockers.

I'll post over the next few days what we had to do to it to get it driving/presentable to have in our wedding. Then continue as we make it the afore mentioned Weekend Warrior. 401 swap, fixing rusted floors, and sprucing the whole thing up.

Here We Go!
Some call me Taylor...

1977 Jeep Wagoneer (Wedding Wagon)
Pewter, Blue Interior, Original 401
PO swapped in a 360, soon to be a 401 again!
"Soon" is a relative term.
Cracked cylinder put a hurt on me + bad connecting rods.
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