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Wink But...I thought....

Mine is an 82', so far my steering is OK. But its likely that soon I'll be doing the steering. I too think the stock box is over-assisted and would like a firmer feel to steering. Is there a good S-10 box that will bolt up strongly to a newer model? I had always heard a mid-90's box would work for mine.

Is this not true, because rebuilds are only like $100 I keep notes on swaps for future reference in case I get Alzheimers.

Originally Posted by ilouiebob
Thanks for that information. I wasn't really looking at that when I was looking at the S-10s. Are you aware of a 4bolt box with a similar ratio? I did however notice that on my 69's frame there is a bolt hole on the outside of the frame for the unused tab on the box, but not on the inside frame. It doesn't look like it would be too difficult to drill out the inside. Maybe support with a section of tubing.
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