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S-10 steering box conversion question

I know this has probably been talked to death and I have read every post I could find but I still have a questions. I have a 69 Wagoneer and I don't like the feel it has right now, it has too much assist for my taste. I know its a Saginaw box and they all are suppose interchange and that it is the ratio and input splines that vary. The 3 or 4 bolt argument doesn't really bother me because the box I have now is a 4 bolt but my frame only has 3. In the posts I've read people have thrown out different makes and models covering many years, but I'm looking at the S-10s because they are plentiful in my local wrecking yards. I've already done the hydroboost conversion so I know all about the hose requirements. I've walked the wrecking yards and looked at the S-10s and they all appear to be Saginaw boxes so is it the ratio in the 4x4s that make them swap candidate? If anybody isn't too burnt out on this topic any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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