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Good hearing from you. Consensus indicates that I do, indeed, have a Dana 44 out back. Factory FSJ service manual is most inaccurate and incomplete I have ever used and, yes, that includes the service bulletins at the back.
Hope the J-beast's restoration is coming along; maybe I'll see you at some future event.


Yes, the trailer connector is all better. Also hung a new muffler & tailpipe (not really an off-road casualty; it was already rotten & fell apart from "trail agitation") and I have a few more upgrades on the front burner. FSJ Invasion was great and Dawn and I met some really super folks. Thanks to you and everyone who helped the "tenderfoot" in the hangar queen GW!
The wiper timing DOES seem to be a bit off, now that you mention it. Don't know why because the arms haven't been off of it lately. I'll try your suggestion, though.

1988 Jeep GW
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