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My '69 is undercoated with a textured asphalt based product all over the entire frame and body mount brackets, floorpans, wheel wells, and the underside of the gas tank. They seem to have done a very good job keeping it off the suspension and drivetrain considering everything else is coated. Does that sound like a factory job or dealer/aftermarket?

The undercoat has done a great job adhering to and protecting the floorpans.... too bad they completely rusted out from the inside. However on the frame it's flaking off in sections. There is black paint under the undercoat although in many areas that's coming off too and showing some minor surface rust.

Once the rusty floor pans are replaced I plan to undercoat them again, more for NVH reasons than anything else. I'm not sure what product to use yet either and I'm wondering if I should put down catalyzed paint as well before undercoat or if 1-2 good coats of epoxy primer will be enough. If anyone has any product recommendations for undercoat let me know. I figured I'll just talk to a local paint supplier and see what they suggest. My frame, axles and suspension I just want to paint with some good, durable black 2k paint, also open to any recommendations there. Since I have compressed air I can spray both with the appropriate gun rather than using aerosols, that way I can use good 2k products where appropriate, also more cost effective for doing a larger area like an entire Wag floor or under a pickup box. Although, probably worth saying I think there are some OK aerosol undercoats out there if someone is just doing a small area.
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