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Hi Jim,
Your Jeep being a 76 should have disc up front from the factory.
If your swapping axles in the rear.
You first jack up the body untill the tires just leave the ground then put some jack stands under the frame. SAFETY FIRST. Then remove the tires, rear drive shaft, brake line, shocks, and emergency brake lines. Unhook vent line. Unbolt Ubolts then unbolt the rear springs from the shackle and roll the rear out. Install in reverse.
Jack up the car from the axle and support it under the axle with jack stands.
If your wanting to pull the axle shafts then unbolt the 4 bolts on the axle flange. Take the drun off and you can find each bolt by rotating the shaft. Once you have all 4 bolts off it will should just pop out or off. You might need a little help with a mallet.

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