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Post Front wheel bearings How to GW

Changed out front wheel bearings on my '85GW.
note bearing not same #s on '85 & '90
Can not do unless you have correct tool 25072 or equiv. to remove retainers.
Have a manual.
Use wood stick or flat punch to remove races from hub. tap crosswise at 180 deg , mod pressure to remove
Use old race to seat new race. tap in as above.
Check fit of rear bearing on shaft to make sure it goes on. (Had issues w this on one side.)
Lube bearing & races w wheel bearing grease by hand or bearing packer.
Seat rear seal after rear bearing in place. Have at least one spare seal. Trust me on this. Seal should be flat & flush w back of hub. Spring not loose from seal.
(used STP as lube on seal & races.)
Place hub/disc brake on shaft,insert outer roller bearing, cover on bearing.with cup toward bearing,ie flat side out.
Insert inner retainer w short "pin " outward, tighten per inst,place retainer ring w holes(must fit on 'pin") -see inst. (not simple for me), place outer retainer, tighten 50+ ft.lbs.
Replace spring smaller dia. out, place axel gear & then
spring clip on 2nd axel slot.
Nothing is new, but it may be new to you & me! Good luck
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