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Originally Posted by SOLSAKS
10-4 we look forward to the build.
dave in NC

Thanks, Dave. All the parts you sent me will be in these pics!

Here's a good look at my starting point. Incorrect earlier model-year door panels, destroyed seat upholstery, earlier-model, and broken, driver side seat without headrest, beat up dash, missing gear shift knob, door lock knobs, missing tailgate motor, mold, etc:
67503008_2330705303870846_7668228086223077376_n by Robert Stone, on Flickr

Skulls for gear shifter and door locks. Wrong driver seat (no headrest), broken center arm rest, non-functional dash lights, etc.
67507003_726449021129239_6772135034527678464_n by Robert Stone, on Flickr

No right rear window motor and earlier model year door panel. Window was held 'mostly up' by a piece of wood in the door, which allowed a lot of moisture in over however long it was like that.
74584869_2365235687123201_6550784592029155328_n by Robert Stone, on Flickr

Rear tailgate glass was held up by a strap, as the motor didn't exist. Tailgate had also been hit so rear bumper is slightly bent, and tailgate sheet metal was dented and bottom seam had popped. Scored a good assembly from a part-out a month after I bought the waggy.
65781697_342789046398686_4322004892517400576_n by Robert Stone, on Flickr
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