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I'm right in the middle of an AX15 swap now. I'm also simultaneously doing a million other things to this project, too (will start a build thread later), so the AX15 part is not finished. Nevertheless, my recommendation is to use a '94 or later AX15, as that will have an external slave cylinder...much handier. Also, be sure to get the proper pilot bearing. I'm using a National Bearing FC-69907 bearing, which is an actual bearing as opposed to a bushing as used on the earlier CJs. Cost me about $15. I'm also using the 4.0 flywheel and will have it match balanced with the AMC 360 flexplate. Hendrick Motorsport is nearby, and they charge $75 to do that. As to the transfer case, I'm using the NP231 that is currently mounted to the AX15, although I will be installing a slip yoke eliminator on it.

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