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Originally Posted by rang-a-stang
Holy smashed eggs Batman!!!

Sooooooo glad you walked away from this!!! Also glad you were able to find a replacement so quickly. The replacement looks pretty solid and straight. Looks like after a few weekends of work you will be back to where you were when this started. You mention 20 year old tires (I am also "driving" on 20 year old tires); what happened? Catastrophic failure? Loss of road contact from rock hard rubber? other?

BTW, you are welcome to post as many picture'less posts as you want, as long as they don't have this kind of carnage!

I notice the bent Ramcharger has old school blue/yellow Oregon plates and the replacement Ramcharger has the newer white W/ a tree Oregon plates. Can you transfer them so you can have the cool old blue/yellow plates? It's also shocking to see the seat back broken on the bent one. How did you walk away from that without broken bones/sprained joints/rattled melon?!

Was the replacement truck complete? How similar is it?

You are not joking about that picture of your dad! Like a Baus!!!!

Thanks Rang I am so glad I walked away from this too
The replacement is actually super straight it honestly in slightly better condition then the one I crashed at least body wise the paint is faded more

The 20 year old tires I think was part of the problem it was kinda the perfect storm
The corner was wet after it had been dry for a long time I had 20 year old tires that were kinda hard and I think my Detroit Locker locked up in the rear which resulted in the back end getting away from me

And yes I will be transferring my classic blue and yellow plates over to the new one haha after I straighten the front one

Yeah the seat is what scared my wife the most those seat do not have a recline function at all they are rigid it folded back like that I think after the second impact after I spun and landed on it and the center console
Like I said I can not be more thankful I was not hurt especially with how it happened I had nothing more then bruises and minimal soreness somebody must be looking out for me

The new truck was complete minus an engine which was perfect for me and one interior door panel haha
It is so close to exactly like my original one it
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