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My truck is very different from yours but so I can't really answer exactly. But you did ask:
Originally Posted by mwood65
...You guys use spacers or off set wheels?
I got my wheels used on Craigslist for dirtcheap. $125 for 5 matching steel wheels. The backspacing on mine are terrible because they were from a Datsun mini-truck. I run spacers in the back, and have run them for a couple years, no problem. Lots of people hate spacers but I have not really had any problems with them. I found my spacers, also on craigslist, for cheap. I think I paid $25 for two, inch and a half spacers from a Tundra. Then I had to do dump 10 more bucks for 12 metric lugnuts at Costco. I now mave SAE lugnuts in the front and metric in the rear.

All that to say: Yeah, I run spacers in the back. I have a completely different wheel well than you so the sizes are not important.
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