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Well I've had good experience with Hella's "Vision Plus" 7" round headlights which are SAE automotive version of the H4 lamps. So far my experience with the 5.6" x 7.6" rectangular version is that they are OK. One difference is in the rectangular versions I used the HB2 bulb that came with it - which is not a particular good bulb.

Hella's E code H4 lamps that I did try had too much beam seperation hi to low.

I used the Cibie E-codes in my Grand Wagoneer until a couple of years ago. Bulbs were Narva Rangepower +50 H4. Plus lamps provide more lumens at the cost of lifespan. For me +50 was a good compromise. Next to go in are a set of Bosch H4s. A little pricey compared to the Vision plus.

Depending on when your SJ was built, the H4 lamps may draw more current than the original lamps.
Ironicly as headlamp technology and science improved, the industry decided that the best thing to do was reduce power requirement while keeping the same light on the road (for low beams).
For example in rectangular headlights the H6054 halogen lamp is listed as a replacement for the incandescent 6052. But it may or may not provide better lighting. Low beam power draw went down to a nominal 35 Watts.
The only exception on the market currently is GE's H6052NH. Some people love it as a relatively low cost, good lamp. My experience with it in the Wagoneer has been that its OK bu tnot great. Apparently they switched production to China a couple years ago and didn't keep the quality.

Whether E-code lamps are legal depends on your state vehicle requirement codes. The important thing is to aim them.

Whether a LED bulb in an H4 lamp can produce the same beam pattern as a properly located filiment is doubtful.
Trucklight and JWSpeaker sell LED headlamps that do meet US lighting standards. Not cheap!

For those using H4 lamps - An interesting H4 bulb comparison
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