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Originally Posted by mwood65
Today while waiting for someone I was sitting there and started messing with the light...

I connected the 2 wires and started messing with the headlight switch and just turned it all the way left till it clicked and just rapidly clicked it back and forth a few times and the light shut off then turned back on and then on but flickered.

So I guess the headlight switch is bad, guess I will order a new one...

Thanks for all the input guys.
IIRC there's a rheostat on the switch shaft that controls the dash lights brightness. At the end if that is a collar-contact (the 'snap' at the end) that turns on the interior lights. Suggest you remove the switch and wash it thoroughly with a good spray on contact cleaner, and exercise it vigorously. Just the exercise may be enough, and you can try directing the spray up under the dash. Will help if your aim is good.
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