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Plowing the white stuff

Hi guys,

I haven't been on much do to family sickness and my own illness but I haven't left this world or this forum yet.

I want to get a snowplow for my Cherokee (1974) and am finding plow set ups but I will need a mounting bracket for the vehicle and have had zero luck finding one. Anyone know where one can be bought or will I have to make one?

Maybe someone on here has one they want to part with???

I have a lot of experience plowing but never bought one and don't know the finer details.

It looks like each brand uses a different type mount so that makes it a little harder.

The ones that mount in a receiver hitch look like they would be more flimsy maybe and have less support than a mount & blade that has a couple mounting points.

Help an ignorant guy out here please

Any help would be appreciated.
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