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Originally Posted by letank
...and Peugeot back in the US.... can't wait to see how long we will have to wait for parts...
May not happen now, due to brand overlap from all the different divisions under the umbrella. Another article mentions "consolidation" of manufacturers under Stellantis, but overlap sure sounds like it could be a problem with 14 marques.
I'm just waiting for when the Chrysler division is sold off, renamed under Dodge, or shuttered. Three minivan models and the old 300, still likely based on the "merger of equals" Benz subframe from almost two decades ago.

Stellantis sounds like the city that sunk. Coincidence or no?

That said, I'd still like a new Hellcat Durango or Ram Truck if I won the lotto!

To me, the new GW is a lot like the Commander when it came out. Too expensive to take seriously till it's a decade old and I feel like it's worth the price of admission used. I liked the Commander, crawled around some dealer models, but man, that price back then.

What's nuts is average new car prices are up over 30% from a decade ago. That is nuts:
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