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Originally Posted by wiley-moeracing
Especially when it will not get you anymore horsepower than the cheap summit or headman headers.

Unfortunately, Summit doesn't make any headers for our FSJ's and the Heddman's aren't full long tube headers, plus they kind of suck quality wise.

Originally Posted by MysticRob
Unfortunately that's far more than even a good set of fully dressed aluminum heads and an intake cost, and it just wouldn't be worth the cost per HP for me (not that I even have the money for such upgrades at this point)!.

Unfortunately, one aluminum cylinder head for an AMC V8 costs $1100. Just one. For the set, you'll be spending over 2 grand. Plus, the intake will be around $360. AMC's ain't cheap to build.

I think this is a good idea. A set of stainless headers for my Marauder were $1600, so a custom set made for our rigs for $1600 isn't outrageous.
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