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U-bolts showed up this weekend so I threw these springs under my truck. How much should I expect them to settle?

Looks like I got about 4" of lift out of them. I bought them used so I am not sure on the history of the springs. I know the rig they were pulled off of did not have a drivetrain installed when they were pulled but I don't know it ever did with these springs. In other words, they may or may not ever have had a full truck worth of weight on them. I did lube them up before I installed them (used a chisel to open up the pack, greased the anti-squeak pads) and have not torqued the bushing bolts yet. The anti-squak pads looked a little dry but they had very little wear on them. I took my Jeep around the block once but that's it.

Should I expect them to settle an inch? Like Rancho's website says, these are supposed to be 2.5" but I got about 3.75" out to them. 1.25" seems like a lot for springs to settle... Since I bought them used, I figured they would be right at or slightly below spec (2.5").
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