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Originally Posted by 76j10build
I would like to add a sway bar to my J10, which didn't come with one. I don't think the spring plates have sway bar mounts.
1. Do I have to get the plates with mounts, or are there other alternatives?
2. Will my frame have holes for the bushing mounts?

I appreciate any help anyone could provide. I am putting on new front springs in the next few days, so if I have to switch the plates I'd like to do it now...

The frame on a 76 that did not come with a factory sway bar will need to have a mount welded to the frame. You will also have to find a 76+ sway bar, spring plates, sway bar U-Mount, Bolts, connecting link, and the special studs that that hold it in place.
If you have a lift kit, you will need extended connecting links for it.

I have two 76 Waggy's, and one came with a sway bar, and the other did not.
My first Wagoneer is the one that came without.
After driving my Chuchua Waggy with, I was sold!
My yellow Wagoneer handled so much better on the road with the sway bar.

Here is a picture of the mount I had to add to the frame;

You could sawzall or gring a factory mount from a junkyard, but I just welded some C channel in there and tapped out two holes to mount the bar.

These are the spring plates you will need from a donor Wag:

(Ristow) fram....that deserves a ratchet upside the head.
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